The Men's and Women's Traditional style offers a classic look and is our most popular College class ring style. The perfect ring style to commemorate your educational achievement.


Men's College Traditional Women's College Traditional


School Name Around Ring Top


Choose your stone cut and stone features.

Side 1: Your Graduation Year, and choose either the Standard Education Panel, Universal Panel or General Education Panel Design.

Side 2. Your Degree Letters, and Curriculum Side Panel Design


Inside Personal Engraving: up to 24 on women's and 28 on men's engraving on the inside of the ring.

Free shipping and handing within the USA.

No sales to on orders billed and shipped outside the state of California.

RING TOP BEZEL OPTIONS: School Name Around the Birthstone
All 4 year colleges and universities, Click below for availability 1 year, 2 year & community colleges, business, trade and technical schools are available
Laurel Leaf Top.
Choose this option if your school is not available.
Laurel Leaf top
College List
NOTE: Please use our COLLEGE LIST button to the left of this box to check availability of your 4 Year University or 4 Year College. The list shown is subject to change.

All One Year, Two Year, Community Colleges, Business Schools, Trade and Technical Schools are available.



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